Raj Parr
January 31, 2020 | Raj Parr

Paris: The Epicenter of Natural Wine

I'm holed up in Dubai with the FLU! So I thought I'd share some pictures and thoughts from my most recent trips to my favorite wine bars and restaurants in Paris. Paris is the hub for natural wine (especially French natural wine). Over the years I have discovered so many wines here in Paris that gave me pleasure, but that also lit a spark. These wines keep me curious, keep me searching and growing. These wines inspire almost every wine Glug-Glug and Raj Parr Wine Club wine I make.

First: my favorite wine bar PERIOD!

SEPTIME (http://www.septime-lacave.fr/en/) 


Next is the O.G. Natural Wine Bar

LE VERRE VOLÉ (https://www.leverrevole.fr/)


OK...back to medicine, nose sprays, and rest. 


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